Shade Blinds

Shade blinds are ideal for providing shade and protecting you and your family against the sun’s harmful UV rays. It acts as a windbreaker and lowers temperatures for patio, braai rooms and play areas.

The blinds are made from high quality monofilament knitted shade cloth, and are also available in different colours. The breathable fabric allows air flow and provides privacy, while allowing visibility from inside.

The system is very easy to use, and operates with a detachable crank handle and gear system. When not in use, the blinds can be rolled up neatly, out of immediate view.

We use locally manufactured fabrics for the construction of the shade blinds. There are two products available – Sunblock and ExtraBlock – and both provide high shade cover with SunBlock at 75% cover and the ExtraBlock 80-95% cover.

The unique close knitting pattern of the ExtraBlock fabric, that gives an extremely high UVR, UPF and shade factors – each colour has at least 94% UVR protection.

Most of the ExtraBlock colour options contain self-extinguishing fire retardant additives.

The colours available are:

Shade Blinds – Sunblock

Extra Block (Non Fire-retardant)

Extra Block (Fire-retardant)

It is manufactured locally in Cape Town, Western Cape.

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