Piggyback Pool Cover

Have an existing pool safety net? No problem!

We can supply you with a piggyback pool cover that fits onto your existing safety net. Have the benefit of pool safety and less daily maintenance at a reduced price!

The pool cover fits over your existing pool cover, to offer you the additional benefits a standard pool cover gives you.

Shade Netting Pool Covers are excellent for:
– Keeping leaves and large debris from entering your pool
– Reducing water evaporation

The Pool Covers are manufactured locally in Cape Town, Western Cape.

Available Colour Range


Every customer has their own specific requirements and needs. Let us know what your requirements are and we will create your pool cover around your needs.

We offer other fabric options, including:
– 80-89% Shade Netting
– 70-79% Shade Netting
– Canvas Fabric (Solid Cover)

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