Pole Pool Cover

The pole pool cover is a strong secure system, aimed at pool safety. The cover is made from top quality shade netting, supported by aluminium pipes running across the width of the pool and secured with stainless steel ratchets. The shade netting blocks up to 90% of harmful UV-rays, reducing the amount of Chlorine needed to maintain a healthy swimming environment.

The 50mm aluminium poles support the pool cover across the width of the pool, keeping the pool cover above the water line. The shade netting cover allows water to enter the pool, but stops leaves entering the pool. This saves you time on cleaning the pool, every time you want to swim.

Pole Pool Cover

The Shade Netting allows the swimming pool to “breathe” – allowing chemical gas build-up to escape. As the pool cover is not in direct contact with the chemical water, it extends the lifetime of the pool cover dramatically.

Pole Pool Covers are excellent for:
– Keeping leaves and large debris from entering your pool
– Reducing water evaporation
– Prevents children and animals from falling into the pool

The Pool Covers are manufactured locally in Cape Town, Western Cape.

Available Colour Range


Every customer has their own specific requirements and needs. Let us know what your requirements are and we will create your pool cover around your needs.

We offer other fabric options, including:
– 80-89% Shade Netting
– 70-79% Shade Netting
– Canvas Fabric (Solid Cover)


Safety* :    
Water Evaporation** :    
Reducing Daily Maintenance: 
Ease of Removing the pool cover***: 

* Please note: Do not ever use pool covers – nets or solid covers as a substitute for caution and supervision.
* The safety can be increased by installing galvanised steel poles, but these poles are heavy to move, and makes the removing of the pool cover more difficult.
** Water evaporation can be reduced even more by installing a solid cover.
*** The Pole Pool Cover is easier and quicker to remove than the hook and plate system.

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